Looking in my old yearbook, I found it fascinating who was chosen “Most likely to succeed”, “Best Couple”, or “Class Clown” (BTW- that was me in Jr. High) . Seems a lot of it was pretty much right on. The only thing I didn’t like about it is that on clique had editorial control on these lists. Ever since then, I’ve wanted to be the guy who makes the list.

Well, I just decided today that I AM gonna be that guy.

In the next few days, I’ll be developing the SEO Superlatives list. Yearbook style, with a male and female winner in each non-couple, non-group category.

I’ll open up nominations a day or so after all the categories are chosen. I need *your* help to generate the categories *you* would find the most interesting / entertaining / stupid, whatever. I think this will be pretty fun!

So far I have the following categories earmarked:

  • SEO Most Likely to Succeed
  • SEO Conference Clown
  • SEO Couple
  • SEO Party Animal
  • SEO Flirt
  • Smartest SEO
  • Most Athletic SEO
  • SEO Social Media Addict
  • Best SEO Blogger
  • Best Smile
  • Best SEO Conference

Newly added superlatives! (from awesome commenters)

  • Best SEO Conference Speaker
  • Best SEO You’ve Never Heard Of
  • Most Creative SEO
  • Most Likely To Be Banned
  • V1@gr.A Salesman Of The Year
  • Cutt’s Pet
  • Biggest Google Fanboy
  • Least likely to date Hooley (ha haha)
  • Best technical SEO
  • Top Linkbaiter
  • SEO with the biggest PageRank
  • Best Dressed SEO
  • Best SEO Hair
  • Biggest SEO Nerd
  • Best SEO Nickname/Handle
  • Most fiery SEO
  • SEO most likely to become president
  • Most Likely To Get Kicked Out Of The Bar
  • Most Likely To Close The Bar
  • The SEO You’d Be Most Afraid To Bring Home to Mom
  • Best Up and Coming SEO
  • Most Feared SEO
  • Mr / Ms Congeniality?
  • Most Likely to Start an Argument
  • Most Likely to Win an Argument (even if they’re wrong!)
  • Best Fence Sitter
  • Best Tweeter
  • Nosiest SEO
  • Snarkiest SEO
  • Most Traveled SEO
  • Best Ranter SEO
  • Most Networked SEO
  • Best SEO Hater
  • Most Sharing/Giving SEO

Please add any other superlatives you would like to see on this list in a comment below so I can get this thing rocking! Nominees will obviously get those clean links and stuff, and winners get a lil mo’

Hook it up, add your ideas below!