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SEO Superlatives Poll is Officially OPEN!

OK folks, here’s your chance to cast your votes! The voting closes after the first 250 responses (or until the committee gets bored!) so choose your winners now! The SEO Superlatives Polls are officially open!

EDIT– we hit 250 responses in about an hour, so it’s opened up to 1000 responses. There’s STILL TIME to cast YOUR votes!

Please note– this page requires Firefox. Other browsers are really gonna hose this page.

SEO Most Likely to Succeed
SEO Conference Clown
Best SEO Couple
Best Dressed SEO
SEO Party Animal
SEO’s Best Hairdo
SEO’s Biggest Flirt
Smartest SEO
Most Athletic SEO
Best SEO Blogger
Best Smile
Most Creative SEO
Best SEO Conference
Best SEO Conference Speaker
Best SEO You’ve Never Heard Of
Most Likely To Be Banned
Biggest SEO Nerd
Best SEO Nickname/Handle
Cutt’s Pet
Best Technical SEO
Top Linkbaiter
Best Up and Coming SEO
SEO Social Media Addict
Biggest Google Fanboy
Least Likely to Date Hooley
Biggest PageRank
Most Fiery SEO
SEO Most Likely to Become President
Most Likely To Get Kicked Out Of The Bar
Most Likely To Close The Bar
The SEO You’d Be Most Afraid To Bring Home to Mom
Most Feared in SEO
Mr / Ms Congeniality
Most Likely to Start an Argument
Most Likely to Win an Argument (even if they’re wrong!)
Best Tweeter
Noisiest SEO
Snarkiest SEO
Most Traveled SEO
SEO Hater Award
Best SEO Ranter
Most Networked SEO
Biggest SEO DoucheBag


Initially I decided to wait to launch the contest when I had 20 applicants.  Doesn’t look like I’ll get past 12, so the contest is moving forward.  So “Dirty Dozen”, get ready.  Your URLs will be sent to you this weekend, and the contest will begin.  You are officially one day closer to WINNING A DATE WITH AN SEO!  Hawt.

Early SignUp Form for the “Win a Date with an SEO” Contest!

Auto responder doesn’t work yet, design doesn’t exist, and I can’t guarantee the database will even hold yer datter,  but if yer achin’ to join this contest, you can be a guinea pig for the form I just wrote and didn’t test yet.

SIGN UP NOW!!!!  I’ll let you know if I got yer info.

What Does a Lonely SEO Do for Valentines Day?

He launches a ridiculous contest called “WHO WANTS TO DATE AN SEO?

The prize? Round trip ticket to Phoenix Arizona for a kick ass date with Chris Hooley. You’ll get round trip tickets to PHX, a hotel room for a night at a swanky jam, and you’ll be pampered by SEO’s biggest jokester.

The night will start by being greeted at the airport by Chris Hooley and “Camera Monkey” and immediately whisked into a pimped out limo and on to Scottsdale Arizona’s downtown district. The menu for the evening will consist of either lobster or some other totally pimped out high end food type stuff, and over-priced champaigne will be a flowin’. After dinner, the party will move to a swanky Scottsdale night club, where total awesome will occur. The location of the dinner and night club will be voted on by you, your friends, and / or other commenters on this blog.

The antics, I mean date, will be taped rockstar style as we have commissioned a local camera man to record the festivities. A YouTube video of the event will edited up, and spread all over the web like cream cheese on a bagel.

The rules are simple. Sign up, or sign a friend up. You will receive an affiliate ID soon thereafter, and a link to a page with a counter with your affiliate ID attached once upon launch of the contest. Once the contest starts, there will be a period of 3 weeks while hits are tallied up on you or your friend’s counter. At the end of the contest, the person with the most hits on their counter wins. Easy.

The kick off date for the contest will not be revealed until there are at least 20 sign ups.

There are some rules and restrictions for this contest.

  • First and foremost: Have fun. You are not expected to “put out” and this whole thing is just to shake things up. Think of it as a “fun date”, a “mercy date”, a “free trip to the desert in the winter with free drinks”, or “the best prank on your buddy ever”
  • If you are a dude, in no way shape or form will I be “giving it up” or”putting out”
  • Since I am pretty sure nobody will sign themselves up for this, it is HIGHLY ENCOURAGED that you sign up your friend(s) – this could be a kick ass prank if you do it properly, or could get that shy girl who really loves the HooleyMeister (yeah right lol) to get flown to Phoenix to get pampered by the man of her dreams… and yes I know that one is a long shot but hell
  • The exact date of the date will be determined after we find out who the winner is, but will occur within 3 weeks of the contest’s end
  • If the winner chooses not to claim their prize, the 2nd place person person will be the winner. If they choose not to claim, the 3rd place person, then 4th, 5th, etc.
  • All entries (except bad neighborhoods or spammers) will get a nofollow link on this el blogo. All entries with over 500 visitors will be upgraded to a clean link.
  • To be elligible, you or your appointed date must be at least 18 years of age, and must be in the continental US. Sorry Brits, Alaskans, and Canadians. I love you, but your tickets are crazy expensive.
  • Chris prefers the ladies, but if a dude wins, I gotta man up.

And that’s it. This may not be as romantic as Rand’s wedding proposal, but still a neat way to make some fun happen.

The target launch date is March 1, 2007 and the anticipated end date will be March 22, 2007. Some of the rules may change up a little based on your input, but once the contest starts, the rules are locked. I’ll open up sign ups and create the microsite over the weekend, so check back like a mofo!

Anybody got any ideas about how to get this contest rolling? It could be big if it’s done right, and the video could end up being one of the most hilarious things ever. What do you think?

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