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DrinkBait 2.0

After hearing about Nathaniel Broughton’s PubCon drinking game, I became obsessed with the concept of drinkbait.  In a prior post on the subject, I took a somewhat obnoxious (I prefer the word funny) approach to presenting the idea (complete with pics of Fonzi, Darth Vader, Vanilla Ice, and Mr. T).  However, in typical Chris Hooley fashion, I’ve taken the idea a step further than it truly needs to go.

I looked at the SEO drinking contest like some SEOs look at a search engines. I analyzed it to find a way to game the system…  

Enter the DrinkBait.com personal drink spamming campaign.

The rules of the contest state I must buy reputable SEOs a drink, and take a picture of myself with said SEO to attain points.  The person with the most points wins the contest and make a few hundred bills (and probably gets a few links from SEO bloggers too).  It did not stipulate that I needed to be in a bar, drinking, or even ask said SEOs if they want a drink.

I developed new “technology” (ok, I actually just bought the domain “drinkbait.com” from moniker and pointed it to my blog) and printed out a sheet of paper with the domain name printed all over it.  I bought about 40 nips (various flavors) and after cutting the paper up to create tabs with the domain name printed on it, I taped a tab to each bottle. 

Now all I need to do is go to the conference today with my big bag chock full of nips. Each time I see an SEO on the “list” I can run up on them with the drink I bought for them, AND I can even do drive by picture taking if said SEO is not fond of my drink spamming campaign.

This is so gonna rock.  As the self proclaimed “Frat Boy of SEO” I have a falsified reputation to uphold.  I will not let more deserving people with more refined social skills, more experience and / or industry relations, or more brains beat ME in a drinking game.  It just aint gonna happen baby.

I am headed off to the conference to give away some free drinks. Wish me luck!

Farting at Business Conferences

PubCon 2006 in Las Vegas has delivered more than a few nuggets of SEO knowledge.  I also had the priviledge of hearing 2 separate very loud, and very public farts in ONE single conference.  Sitting in a blogging session with numerous SEO rockstar panelists (I might add, this single session was worth the cost of attendance), I was surprised to hear that dreadful sound.  Part bass, part raspberry, all gross.  Somebody near the back row let one loose.

To make things worse, a few minutes later (after I was already cracking up out loud over the first fart) I think the lady right in front of me ripped one too.  This one was slightly louder too.

Maybe those boxed lunches had a little surprise in there?  I dunno.  Either way, still gross.

People, if you are going to a professional conference, try to be a little more discreet about your bodily functions.  Take medicine if you feel it coming on.  Do something.  Something except farting in public.

In fact, while I’m on a completely embarrassing and inappropriate topic, let’s talk about deodorant people.  Just because you are wearing a suit doesn’t mean you don’t smell bad after avoiding showers for a day or two.  All too often I am at a business event and somebody forgot to wash properly.  This is America, and there is running water everywhere.  Just wash better.

And for all three of my loyal readers, sorry for the off color and off topic post.  I’ll probably be back on subject soon.



DrinkBait: Drinks for Links!

That’s right.  My new angle is going to catch on like wildfire.


I already asked my mom to digg this post.  The SEOs at PubCon won’t be able to stop the furious force of my drink buying power, and will be forced to link to my websites with beautiful anchor text on copy rich, authoritative pages. 

Forget about the fact that Vegas serves free drinks all day and night.  I’m buying anyways.  I’m just cool like that.  And that.  And that too.

See you in Vegas, fellow SEO / SEM junkies.  I got 68 dollars that says all you mofos will be hyperlinking to my shizzle.  Resistance is futile.  You like beer, wine, and fancy drinks.  I got a wad of Hamiltons baby.

Let’s do this. 

Vegas, I’m coming home.  See you soon, don’t send me back broke!

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