Superbowl weekend. Vegas. 15 dudes, 7 rooms, 7 “rascal” strollers (each with accompanying dude), 1 boom box blasting “Riding Dirty”, and about 368 beers in total. The videos are being edited now, and we plan on a #1 YouTube appearance from the antics in about 3-4 weeks.

In my defense before you see these things, I was really really drunk.

While I was away, apparently the world did not stop. In fact, I missed a lot of awesome. A LOT. The most impressive of which came from SEOmoz… Rand Fishkin was that MySuperProposal guy. What a kick ass stunt. If I was gay I would totally make out with him. Just look at how cute all this stuff is… but I can’t figure out why I wanna puke a little in my mouth… maybe it was too sweet for my manly, rugged ass.

Seriously tho, congrats to Rand and Geraldine. I hope your life together is rewarding and filled with love. (there’s that little bit of puke coming back up… err.. BEER! FOOTBALL! BOOBS! WALLET CHAIN! MALE PATTERN BALDNESS! – ahh that’s better).

Ladies, don’t worry I am single. Waitaminnit… Rand= Romantic. Chris= Drunk loud guy. Rand= Getting married. Chris= Single. Yup, no relation at all. MOVING ON!

Ok then. I decided instead of moving on, I would sulk and look at pictures of my hot ex-girlfriend who eventually cheated on me with her ex boyfriend.  Maybe I’ll even start drinking myself to sleep every night….  *sigh*  she was hot.

Rand might have more backlinks, more fans, more readers, a hot future wife… but at least I’m pretty sure I can bench press more than him. Eff it, I’m still awesome *tear