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Effin Loser!

I don’t blog much and this post alone will probably suppress my readership list by ten percent, but I feel it is very important to point something out. Joshua Strebel, although a pretty good guy, is a big, effin loser! Always a bridesmaid and never a bride (although he secretly dreams about me in a tux) he has always been number 2, in more ways than one, for longer than I can remember. (get the number two comment, it’s not just rankings but it’s also double entendre about him being a big poop)

If you want to join our campaign in calling out Josh as a big effin loser, please add the following code to your website!

<a href=”http://saint-rebel.com/” title=”Big Effin Loser!”>Effin Loser</a>

Thanks, that will be all!

I love you Josh. Call me, we’ll do beers.

Blog Tag… 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Chris Hooley

I don’t know if this was a brilliant little piece of linkbait, or a cheap trick stolen from a MySpace bulletin, or a bit of both. The 12th word in this post should help you decipher my thoughts on it. Geeky or not, it’s still kinda fun.

It was supposed to be a nice little tap, but I think Greg Boser dope virtually slapped me. He’s too bad ass to tag somebody gently, and I have no choice but to obey.

* FYI- the 6th thing you didn’t know about Boser: In the 4th grade he used to pick his nose and make the little kid at school eat it.

* that statement might not be true.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Chris Hooley

  • I am a unich.
  • As a matter of fact, my shit doesn’t stink.
  • I am wearing a pretty pink teddy right now.
  • I’m NOT in denial.
  • I did not have relations with that woman.

OOOOk. I felt obligated to be funny [thanks greg… I CAN’T HANDLE THE PRESSURE!!!!] I am as glad as you are that it is over. Now for the real stuff.

5 Real Things You Didn’t Know About Chris Hooley

  • I was adopted, and found my birth family on the web – no shit. My totally awesome, kick ass family [Hooleys Rule!] adopted me from an orphanage as a baby. I grew up #2 of 4 brothers, and my older bro is adopted too. Here’s the kicker… I found out later in life I had 3 full blood brothers and a full blood sister too. I met them (not in person yet), and they are on my MySpace page. Crazy, crazy web! My name was almost Dustin Mykal Ansbergs.
  • I played saxophone for a few weeks in the 6th grade – My parents saw that I taught myself to play Axel F on the casio keyboard and next thing you know, I was picking an instrument for band practice. I rebelled against that one!
  • I used to be able to dunk – But I sucked at basketball. That didn’t stop be from playing every day tho. All I cared about was yoking it hard with two hands and hanging on the rim and being a bad ass, so I worked on my legs like a maniac and basically worshipped Sawn Kemp, MJ, and Dominique Wilkins. Embarrassingly enough, I was that white guy with hops who everybody picked first when they saw me warming up, but regretted it the second the game started.
  • In a prior life I produced albums and songs for joke bandsCrack Money Records even performed shows with some known bands… Body Count was the biggest band we opened for. Even Ice-T loves the drinkbait!
  • I technically had plastic surgery last month- Seriously. I have multiple lipomas, and many of them were concentrated around my midsection and back. My doctors said don’t bother to remove them, but I did, and NO I am not “that guy“.


Ok, now it’s time to tag a few more folks to keep this virus spreading. Let’s see how many people actually do this.

  • Peter Wailes, come on in buddy. You have been tagged.
  • Kris, I almost didn’t tag you because it would make your angle ring true, but shit man you rock and I can’t resist.
  • Fuhgeddabowdit – Donald Trump, say hello to my little friend Mr. Tag!
  • SEO Thursday’s Nathaniel Broughton for giving me a reason to be an icey hot stunta.
  • And finally, Josh Strebel because his Luke Skywalker ass keeps begging me to link to him. I’m Darth Vader bitch. I tag with force.

Sorry guys, rules are rules and now you need to do it too.

As a side note, Happy Hanukka to the Jewish SEOs out there.

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