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mmmm del.icio.us!

Since I learned to be an early adopter three days ago, I have been scouring the web for the next new thing. 

I didn’t find it. 

Instead, I decided to jump on the coat tails of Rand Fishkin (FYI- the guy is a bad ass SEO) with his feverish promotion of new social media platforms and web 2.0 in general.  I forgot how fun the web can be!  I have been so busy managing ad campaigns and team building, I almost lost sight of what got me there.  Playing on the web.  All the time.  For way too long. 

Hearing presenters speaking and reading blogs about about tagging, blogging, RSS feeding, and all that jazz is one thing.  Experiencing these technologies first hand is quite another.  As a long time Google whore, I don’t think I have been giving Yahoo! the credit they deserve lately.  They have been quite the front runner with picking up and developing the next waves of web media.  Yahoo! looks clearly ahead of the curve as far as social web platforms go.

I have been recently raving about Flickr… now I am HOOKED on del.icio.us too.  Both Yahoo! properties.  Both awesome.  Both made a strong positive impact to how I use the web.  I might never use my favorites tab in a web browser again!

Thanks Rand.  You have officially opened my eyes on at least 50 addictive ways I can spend time away from my typical job duties, and play on the web instead.  I may have to run up on you like a crazy fan and sumo you at the next WebMasterRadio.fm party.

Late to Adopt Being an Early Adopter

Early adopters are cool.  I decided I want to be one too, after seeing how many cool  things they mess with.  But is it too late for me?

Take Flickr for example.  I LOVE IT.  Social networking sites… love it.  Blogging… love.  Tagging: love.  Fondue: love.  Reebok Pumps: love.  You know the drill, I am learning to be ahead of the game…. a little late in the game.  It’s all Flickr’s fault really.

What a cool site, and idea.  So easy to use, I feel like it is talking to me.  “Post pictures Chris!”, “Read my witty greetings”, “Yo Chris”, “Black socks don’t match brown shoes Chris!”.  The list goes on. 

How was I not aware of this site for so long?  My Flickr page is not very awesome yet, and by the time it is there will have been 30 new sites I somehow missed because I am not aggregating any cool blogs yet… because I have not adopted news aggregators yet either.  By the time I do, Search Engines will probably start using links to help determine relevancy.  The future!

Man, sometimes I feel like an old lamer!

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