That’s right.  My new angle is going to catch on like wildfire.


I already asked my mom to digg this post.  The SEOs at PubCon won’t be able to stop the furious force of my drink buying power, and will be forced to link to my websites with beautiful anchor text on copy rich, authoritative pages. 

Forget about the fact that Vegas serves free drinks all day and night.  I’m buying anyways.  I’m just cool like that.  And that.  And that too.

See you in Vegas, fellow SEO / SEM junkies.  I got 68 dollars that says all you mofos will be hyperlinking to my shizzle.  Resistance is futile.  You like beer, wine, and fancy drinks.  I got a wad of Hamiltons baby.

Let’s do this. 

Vegas, I’m coming home.  See you soon, don’t send me back broke!