Early adopters are cool.  I decided I want to be one too, after seeing how many cool  things they mess with.  But is it too late for me?

Take Flickr for example.  I LOVE IT.  Social networking sites… love it.  Blogging… love.  Tagging: love.  Fondue: love.  Reebok Pumps: love.  You know the drill, I am learning to be ahead of the game…. a little late in the game.  It’s all Flickr’s fault really.

What a cool site, and idea.  So easy to use, I feel like it is talking to me.  “Post pictures Chris!”, “Read my witty greetings”, “Yo Chris”, “Black socks don’t match brown shoes Chris!”.  The list goes on. 

How was I not aware of this site for so long?  My Flickr page is not very awesome yet, and by the time it is there will have been 30 new sites I somehow missed because I am not aggregating any cool blogs yet… because I have not adopted news aggregators yet either.  By the time I do, Search Engines will probably start using links to help determine relevancy.  The future!

Man, sometimes I feel like an old lamer!