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The Reptilian Buy Button

Being a marketer essentially means you are a public persuader. It doesn’t matter what you are marketing. Buy this product, click this link, link to this blog, etc. You have a goal. To make your market take action, you must gently, but effectively persuade individuals, one by one.

But how?

According to The Persuaders, a PBS piece on marketing, the answer sometimes it is so deep that it’s simple. People are motivated for different reasons. To market your product, service, or brand to people, you need to find what motivates them to take the action you desire. A quick look at Maslow’s hierarchy of needs can give you an idea of different levels of needs that humans connect on. But this is just an abstract. A marketer can get much more human than philosophical graphical representations of our wants and needs.

Get primal.

By dealing with your end users on a primal level, you can evoke something much stronger than a quick hit desired action. You can create a cult of users loyal to your brand or your image, and you can persuade that market quite easily after they love you. Just think of the community surrounding Mac and Ipod etc. Think BMW, Mercedes, Ford. Think Coke, Mountain Dew, Rockstar. Think Guinness. Think of who consumes these products loyally, and the people they are associated with. That community might be a part of you, and can be tapped into.

Marketers often waste their time by dealing in the frontal lobe of their consumers, where complex thought takes place. Deduction, reasoning, doubt, affirmation, math- you can drive customers to buy on these points, but it takes a salesman to win an argument there. We are being marketed to so often that we’re becoming numb to the clutter. People are automatically suspicious of messages now.

Just ask a Digg user about SEO. “Red alert, spammers with bad intentions are infiltrating our community!” Ok so that one is partially true, but not entirely. Some of us are trying to break through the clutter, and by this process we are creating heaps and heaps of more useless garbage that clutter the web, the media, and the world.

How do YOU break through the clutter?

Be primal. Be reptilian. Enter the reptilian buy button.

If you appeal to a user on a level that they WANT you to connect with, you have them at your beckoning call. If you are selling a luxury item, you need to unlock the code of luxury to find out what is truly motivating top dollar buyers to buy your product. Here’s a hint, it isn’t price for that one.

Again, think of what Maslow says drives a human. For a luxury item, it’s probably sexual intimacy, respect, esteem, security of the body or something else that is much deeper than complex thought. More than human, these needs are the same things that drive reptiles with their minuscule brains.

How Can YOU Create a Reptilian Buy Button?

It is both easy and hard. It is simple, and complex. You need a mind shift. Think like a 5 year old alien kid who has never been on Planet Earth for a second. Think like your kids. Now think about your product, your company, your blog, etc. How can you be driven to take action?

You can’t convince a kid to click your ad with well thought out text, but you might with an image that they connect with. Instant gratification is not always the key here, but often is. If you hit them with a primal, instinctive emotion, they may connect with you deeper than just the initial click. They make fall in love with your brand, your image, or your culture and you might have just convince a new person to join your cult and buy every new product you launch.

That’s the Reptilian Buy Button. You press it once, and you might have a customer, reader, follower, or a fan for life.

Merry Christmas, Time to Smash Your Car

Man, my friend Bill took out his van to help me transport a big ole TV, and ended up rear ending me pretty badly on the way. My poor car.

At least I can say that BMW can feel good about their “crumple zone” technology. My car is trashed, but both me and my 3 year old daughter are fine. Thank God for that.

Either way, having your car smashed up is a real Christmas buzzkill!

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