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Pick MEME! I trust you will.

Ok- ‘nother meme, but this one seems bit more interesting. It’s about the trust. Greg Niland kicked off what seems to be a good one this time.

Here’s the tree so far…

Greg Niland
Rae Hoffman
Michael Gray
Todd Malicoat
Andy Hagans
Cameron Olthuis
Jarrod Hunt
Chris Hooley (me!)
The SEOmoz peeps I still trust them, but they can’t keep the meme going.  I also trust Andrew Wee!

Who wouldn’t trust a team that blatantly publishes their financials, doesn’t even take a referral fee, refuses hand outs of any kind, and honestly works their butts off to help an entire community of SEO junkies? SEOMoz rocks.

I might need to arm wrestle Rand and / or Rebecca to keep this going.

Thanks for the tag Jarrod! I also trust your link brokerage!

DrinkBait: Doing It For The Buzz!

Today is my last chance to spread drink popularity around in PubCon Vegas.  We already know Google’s drink authority can’t be beat; they bought drinks for the whole conference Tuesday.  However, yesterday’s drink bombing campaign was received so well I’m gonna kick it up a notch once again.  I have a new bag of nips (this time only Gray Goose, Patron, and Crown), a bunch more labels, a cheesy paper print out for my White and Nerdy hooded sweat shirt, and to top it off: a necklace with a shot glass.

I am going to kick this Vegas party off like a mofo, and it is gonna start in the “networking session” today.  The ReviewMe.com guys were the first to get jiggy with the DrinkBait.  We pounded a drank all up in they booth.  I’m gonna see if I can get some more people to actually drink these things during the session.  Props to Andy Hagans for being the first to step up to the plate!

I must say, this has been one of the more fun experiences I have had at a web marketing conference.  Viral marketing stunts are more fun than optimizing ads, ad spends, web pages, link portfolios, etc.  And they’re kinda almost free sort of.  You can probably expect a few more crazy antics like this from me in the future.

Point is, I’m looking to catch a buzz and get some more people buzzing right there with me.  DrinkBait, LinkBait, ThinkBait…  Maybe more people should try to actually do something offline to get themselves noticed if they want references (also known in SEO world as LINKS).

I’ve got only strong drinks in my drink portfolio, and we know that the best drink is a free drink.  Who’s next to get some of this DrinkBait? 

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