This page was inspired by Keith Ferrazzi, who wrote a book called “Never Eat Alone“. Great book about goal setting, forming relationships, and how to leverage your own personal network in a way that is a win-win for everybody involved.

I always have goals in mind, and I keep them in mind This is probably why I have been able to achieve a certain amount of success in my life. But I never actually wrote them down… So here’s a liquid list of personal and professional goals which will be subject to frequent change. Some of my goals might not be too exciting, some might be odd, but hey- it’s what I want!

Professional Goals:

  • To fund at least 1 billion dollars in student loan volume off of the web for NextStudent in 2006 [edit: this goal has been achieved!]
  • To be a VP of Marketing at a billion dollar company (hint hint NextStudent lol) [edit: this goal has been achieved!]
  • To sell MCP Media for 1 million dollars
  • To found a company that generates millions in net revenue
  • To have a 7 digit income

Personal Goals:

  • Raise a happy, well adjusted daughter
  • Marry a happy, well adjusted girl
  • Build or own a house with a river running through it
  • Have 10 million in liquid assets
  • Increase max bench press weight to 350 [50 pounds to go]
  • Hit ideal target weight of 180 [24 pounds to go]
  • Help my dad build a second business [getting there]
  • Help my brothers achieve financial independence
  • Travel to Europe, Hawaii, Alaska, Australia, Japan, and most major US cities
  • Conquer my fear of heights
  • Finish my book, and get it published
  • Have a personal trainer, a personal chef, an assistant to manage my day to day activities, and maybe even a live in maid or a butler or something to that effect (I hope that doesn’t make me sound bad lol)

That’s all I got right now… my kid woke me up waaay to early. I’ll add some more later, maybe after about 5 cups of coffee!

[update- had 2 energy drinks instead and added a few bullet points]