You want a FREE link from an up and coming blogger just by telling the world why you love your job? Here’s how:

  1. Write a blog post on your blog talking about why you like / love your job.
  2. Show me where the post is

That’s it! If you like your job, tell the world, tell me where your post is, and I’ll send some traffic your way. Simple eh?

Far too often companies and employers get slammed because people feel a level of entitlement, and people like to whine. That mentality is anti-progress. Fact is, most companies were founded on some sort of passion, and working for a company that fosters that is something to be proud of.

I want my readership to hear about those companies that treat people well; companies that make their employees happy to come to work. If you love where you work, write a blog and let me know where that post is. I’ll be creating a list (that will hopefully grow to at least 100 posts) right here.

People need to know that not all companies are bad, and that work is not just a jobby job. Working for a good company can be a fulfilling way to reach your personal and professional goals.

BTW- you can’t be a blatant splog or a “dirty neighborhood” type. If it meets those two criteria, let people know why you love your job and I’ll link to your blog post!

The list of awesome companies and employees will begin here:

You wanna be on this list? Just write a quick post on your blog about why you love your job and let me know where it is! EASY!