On 5 separate occasions Bank of America handed money from my account to a criminal with a fake ID.  His signature wasn’t even remotely close to the hundreds, no thousands of signatures that Bank of America has on file for me.  They handed him almost 26k one day, and later on that day, another $12,500.  Same day.  I found the guy on Instant Checkmate… turns out he’s a hardened criminal with a ton of identity theft charges.

Since then, I have missed work twice, spent aproximately 20 hours on the phone, email, or in a Bank of America branch.  I’ve been given phone numbers and I’ve been told “You gotta call here” only to find out I needed to call somebody else.

But inconvenience isn’t the problem.  It’s the gross negligence of 5 separate banking centers.  it’s the lack of motivation that Bank of America has exhibited in the past few weeks in giving me my money back.  It’s the fact that  I have missed several business opportunities because my checking account has dried up and my card isn’t working.  It’s the late bills, which will affect my credit.

In the upcoming days, I’ll be writing my story in detail about how my identity was stolen, how my bank account was cleared out, and how Bank of America has handled the situation.  People need to know how this bank operates, it’s a huge bank handling a *lot* of your finances.

I’ll also be looking for others who have had similar experiences, and perhaps a few opportunistic lawyers who have the wherewithal to stand up against Bank of America in a class action lawsuit, for being grossly negligent and negatively affecting the lives of their customers.

Stay tuned, as time allows I will be working on getting my money back, and writing about my experiences.